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Osama Al Thawadi Group, headquartered in Bahrain, is a family business established in 1978, consisting of a diversified construction infrastructure and industrial projects portfolio in the Kingdom of Bahrain along with regional operations spanning the GCC and MENA region.

Our services and products are supported by an integrated logistics capability with a specialisation in roofing, plumbing & drainage, fabric architecture, and Airport Maintenance.

Osama Al Thawadi Group has a leading portfolio of projects in Bahrain and the GCC with customers spanning Governments, commercial & military organisations as well as community based businesses. The Group continues to adopt a performance driven and customer orientated approach in line with international standards and global best practice in all its fields of operations.

The list of companies under the OAT Group are:

  • Gulf Shade
  • Bahrain Plumbing
  • Arabian Gulf Associates

The Group has a list of GCC wide subsidiaries in Qatar, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait. At present, the OAT Group is on the constant move to enhance its operations and business activities as well as diversify its work scope for the future of the company.

OAT Social Responsibilities

The OAT Group has a rich history of Corporate Social Responsibility, thus one of the most important factors to the Osama Al Thawadi group and subsidiaries is the value of giving back to the community and humanity. The group has successfully supported different causes, that evolved with the complexity of the challenges of today’s global society. Consequently, the OAT Group has a couple of policies and rules that help in both the short term and long term gain for the community. This belief has stemmed from our founder, Mr. Osama Al Thawadi who has always believed in that in order to succeed, one must give to the society, in terms of moral and financial support. Some of the creativities started by the OAT group are:

  1. The Green Initiative: The Group is committed to environmental leadership in all of the business activities. This ensures that the company is vigilant in protecting the environment across all of its operations. Things like recycling paper, supplying environmentally friendly material, and re-using materials are part of the initiative.
  2. Athletic Development: One of Osama Al Thawadi Group’s core beliefs is in the importance of athleticism and activeness as an encouragement to good health, competition and promotion of harmony and goodwill in the community. By supporting the employees in various fields, The OAT Group shows their support for the company’s Cricket, Basketball, and Badminton Team; who are all well established as top players in the community. Mr. Osama Al Thawadi himself strongly believes that pastimes and hobbies; create a well rounded and happy employee and increase community wellbeing.
  3. Supporting the Local Community: One of the OAT Group’s major supports comes in with the local community. The OAT Group has done work for free for the less fortunate people. This is how the Group expresses their gratitude towards the community.

Message From CEO

Mr. Osama Al Thawadi, owner and founder of OAT Group, holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Saint Louis University, Missouri USA, and a Master’s of Science in Astronomy and Astrophysics from San Diego State University, California USA. Most of his time is spent into developing his companies, and engineering systems. He lectures in major exhibitions, about tensile structures. He is a lover of nature, thus most of his ideas are originated by his ideas that are created from nature.


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